Pewter Celtic Hunterston Style Brooch / Kilt Pin

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WOWSER! Just breathtaking, bold, historical and SO beautiful! You will LOVE owning a piece of history. The original can be viewed in the Museum of Scotland. This version is such a GREAT likeness. Two very GREAT choices. ALL amber or Multi-stone!

SUCH rich detail and regal beauty! HOW great would this masterful brooch look on a coat, hat, scarf, sash, shaw, Kilt, or shirt? RICH in Celtic history.

This is a likeness to the Hunterston Brooch! The original has been called is a highly important Celtic brooch. The story is told that it was found near Hunterston, in 1826 by two men from West Kilbride, who were digging drains at the foot of Goldenberry Hill. It is now in the National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. It has been calculated that it was probably made for ROYALTY around 700 AD, made in the west of Scotland or Ireland.

The original Hunterston Brooch is cast in silver, gilt, and set with pieces of amber (most now missing), and decorated with intertwined animal bodies in gold filigree. INTERESTINGLY, in its center, there is a cross and a golden Glory representing the Risen Christ, surrounded by a knotwork pattern.

This Pin/Brooch is perfect for a Coat, hat, scarf, sash, shawl, Kilt, or shirt.
The Lead-Free Pewter Brooch measures 70mm X 65MM
Amber, Emerald, and Amethyst colored stones adorn this piece.

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