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Pewter Scottish Piper Kilt Pin

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Pewter Scottish Piper Kilt Pin

A beautiful interplay of traditional components makes this Pewter Scottish Piper Kilt Pin a must-have! The piper and bagpipes are set in the style of a clan badge; the bagpipes feature a drone with two tenors. A beautifully detailed Claymore sword completes the design. Meticulously crafted from lead-free pewter, this piece will look stunning on kilt or coat! Other details of the Pewter Scottish Piper Kilt Pin include:
  • Polished lead-free pewter
  • Highly polished
  • Approx. 3 ½" x 1 5/16"
  • Sturdy U-pin at back
The Story of the Kilt Pin: The first Scottish kilts were worn without a pin, as well as without any undergarment. If the kilt was worn on a breezy day... well, there were many revealing moments! One very windy day, Queen Victoria was reviewing the Gordon Highlanders at Balmoral Castle. A young soldier, standing at attention, could not control the flapping of his kilt. The Queen, noticing his distress, walked over to him, removed a pin from her own dress, and pinned down the overlap of his kilt. Ever since kilt pins have provided both a practical and decorative addition to the traditional Scottish kilt!

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